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In just five minutes, this story takes someone who doesn't know what a Bible is, tells them the origin of the scripture, who wrote the Bible, What the bible was all about. It tells us that God loves every one of us even when we do things we shouldn't do. It tells us that because of those bad things we do, we deserve to be punished but that God sent His only Son, Jesus to take the punishment for us. It tells us that Jesus died for our sins, was buried and rose again the third day. We can be adopted into God's family by simply believing that what Jesus did on the cross was for us. We need to tell God that we are sorry for our sins, thank Him that Jesus took the punishment for us so that we can be a part of God's family. We need to thank God for making all of this possible.

Different Languages

Our next goal is to put the God's Family story into Spanish. The script has been translated and we are just waiting for the money to have it done. If you would like to help with a donation, click here.

From there we would like to have it available in French and other languages as the funds are available.

This is the first in what we would like to see as a series.

  • Discipleship - Olivia learns how to grow as part of God's family.
  • Witnessing - Olivia learns how to share her story of how she became a part of God's family.

All it takes is money and time. If you would like to be a part of this World wide outreach we would encourage you to join our "prayer group" list so that you can get updates as to what we are doing.

We would also encourage you to support this project with your finical gifts on a monthly basis.

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